Diet and Life

I never thought that I would come across a diet that encourages people to eat mainly carbohydrates! I’ve been reading The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall; it’s about the science behind why starches are good for the body and why meat and dairy should be eliminated from our diet. I honestly feel so good when I follow this diet. The fact that we are depleting the world’s resources by eating animals scares me. The judgement I know I will get from people when I tell them I eat this way kinda scares me, too. But this book is just what I needed, because it’s designed to prepare vegans to answer questions about why they eat and avoid eating what they do.

My eating habits have become a lot simpler lately, which really has helped me not to focus so much on foodfoodfood, which is nice for a change. Throughout life I think we go through stages of focus. School, work, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading, watching movies or whatever hobbies we do. We pick one thing and spend most of our time on it. It’s hard to keep a balanced life where we are centered on multiple things equally. We always end up neglecting something. I always end up neglecting cleaning my room, focusing on my soul, and stretching out my body. Without a clean environment, it’s hard to focus on my spiritual life, which stretching and yoga helps me do. Hmm.


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