High carb, low fat, vegan grocery haul

I’ve recently discovered a YouTube channel called Ninaandranda, run by two girls who were raised vegan! I was really intrigued by their lifestyle, especially their eating habits. They make it look simple to eat this way, and they said that eating more fiber and less fat cleared their acne, so I’ve decided to tryout this way of living for a while! Here are some foods that I will eat in order to successfully follow a HCLF vegan diet:
Organic sweet potatoes (baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 70 minutes)

Organic apples




(Any fruit, basically)

Ezekiel bread

All-fruit strawberry jam

Brown/wild rice


Organic mixed vegetables (frozen)

Frozen mangoes, pineapple,blueberries, cherries, bananas, etc.

Seasoning: salt occasionally and onion flakes 

I’m still learning new recipes from the book that the girls recommend, The Starch Solution by: Dr. Mcdougall, but here are a few of the recipes I eat in a day:

Breakfast, any amount of slices of Ezekiel bread topped with fruit spread, any amount of fruit on the side

Lunch: A bowl or more of rice topped with mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes or frozen mango

Snacks: Fruit or veggies. I like blending together frozen fruit and a bit of almond milk to make a sorbet

Dinner would be similar to lunch.

I love this way of eating because it doesn’t limit the amount of food you eat, as long as it is high in fiber and/or starch. I recommend reading a sample of The Starch Solution and eventually buying it! 


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