There are some things that annoy me about our society. I’ve learned to focus on positivity while keeping in mind the negative aspects of the world that I want to change, but lately the tension regarding race, sexuality and political views in general has really disturbed my inner peace. So, here’s what has been on my mind:

The fact that psychology as a college major is constantly looked down upon because it has “the least job opportunities” says a lot about our society. We are centered around making money and becoming less focused on our mental health. Because we can’t see the injury, we don’t believe it’s there. Depression, anxiety and even eating disorders can all be psychological and are often not treated seriously.

Why can’t we accept love into our lives? Why are we so bitter? Why are we so selfish?

Why are we still slut shaming? A woman should be able to be comfortable in her own skin just as a man can be.

If we are putting conditions on love, then we need to re-evaluate our lives.

We make life way too complicated by labeling people.

Hate comes from not being comfortable with ourselves. If we truly love and accept ourselves for who we are, we will be willing to understand others, no matter how different they are from us.


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