My Approach to Eating

What I eat is very important to me! I listen to my body and how it reacts to different foods. Recently I’ve been following the rule of thumb, “the simpler, the better”. I like eating simple, minimally processed ingredients. Organic fruit and vegetables are must-haves! Fruit are great for snacking, and vegetables can be used for salads and green drinks. Other food items I always have at home is cheddar goat cheese, almond butter, almond milk, protein powder, super foods like cacao nibs and goji berries, and Ezekiel bread and English muffins. The condiments I use include coconut aminos, and organic mayonnaise and mustard.

I personally prefer snacking throughout the day because it’s like having little energy boosts instead of relying on a few huge meals. If I won’t be home all day, I bring snacks like gala apples, Quest protein bars and nuts.

I DON’T deprive myself of any food I’m craving. I always have a cheat day where I’ll eat pizza or a sugary snack. If I really want ice cream but I know that dairy will make me sick, I buy coconut or almond milk ice cream. I love finding recipes for clean desserts on Pinterest!

So basically, I invest in my health by the food I choose to eat. Healthy eating becomes a habit after a while, so that your body begins to crave what will really nourish it. My tips for anyone trying to be healthy would be:

– Don’t get in the habit of buying packaged foods such as trail mix, protein bars and other healthy food brands when you can make it yourself. Usually it’s a lot cheaper to buy all of the ingredients and make it weekly or daily.

– Don’t force yourself to eat healthy foods that you dislike eating. There are yummy options out there for everyone!

– Transition to healthy options slowly! Look for alternative options for bread, cereal, ice cream, etc that contain less or no sugar and ingredients that you recognize.

– Invest in your health now instead of buying expensive medication later!

– Don’t stress! It’s easy to feel guilty about anything “unhealthy” you’re eating once you’re more aware of it. Give yourself grace and move forward.

– Slowly eliminate processed foods and replace them with simple ones! Healthy meals don’t always have to be elaborate ones.

Goodluck! 💫


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