Begin Again

You know when you read a quote about getting a new chance, starting over again, forgetting about the past, etc. and it inspires you but you just can’t find the momentum to begin again? I personally have always loved the idea of beginning again, the idea that your mistakes don’t define you and that every day is a new opportunity. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Why is it so hard for us? I think that it’s all in our minds. We hinder our ability to be happy again or to try a different and new approach to something. We have a negative view of ourselves because we think that’s how everyone else sees us. It’s hard for us to grow from our failures instead of wallow in them. We have to allow ourselves grace in order to move forward again, and we can’t base our self-worth on our worldly accomplishments.

There are so many things I want to do to change the world. I want every homeless person to have the opportunity to be self sufficient with food by gardening. I want every homeless dog to have a family. I want the world to have access to fruits and vegetables year round with community gardens. I want the amount of waste that the world produces with plastic bags and bottles to reduce by simply using reusable ones. I want to help people all over the world with their mental and physical disabilities. All of these things make my heart ache. I’m scared to start because every dream feels so massive because I am just one person, but devoting my life to these causes is how I want to live. And if I fail I will simply begin again.


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