Tips for buying cheap, healthy food

1. Shop at multiple stores and local markets. Compare the prices of organic fruits and vegetables and keep track of what is cheaper where.

2. Shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, where prices are always lowered, for superfoods such as maca powder, cacao nibs, chia seeds as well as protein powders and organic virgin coconut oil.

3.  Do not bother buying food from Wholefoods or other expensive supermarkets if you can find the same exact thing somewhere else!

4. Don’t waste money on protein powder or protein bars that have added sugar and artificial ingredients.

5. Grow your own herbs.

6. Keep it simple at first. Don’t buy food that you don’t have a recipe for so that it doesn’t go to waste.

7. When buying organic produce remember the clean 15 and the dirty dozen. The clean produce has a low amount of pesticides and the dirty dozen has a relatively high amount of pesticides. So it’s worth buying the dirty dozen organically only.

I hope these help! Ill add tips later if I think of more. ☀️


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